Nicholas Traebeard

Dwarven businessman


Nicholas Traebeard is a somewhat well-known and well-liked entrepraneur in Neverwinter. He’s a smith by trade, but he’ll also lead the occasional caravan to and from surrounding towns, always looking for ways to embiggen his network of friends and potential customers. He is the face of the Traebeard businesses, while his two brothers provide alot of the behind-the-scenes support. His latest prospect has him more excited than you’ve ever seen. He’s keeping it close to the vest, but you know that whatever it is, it’s big. He’s headed to Phandalin to secure whatever-it-is a day ahead of you and your wagon. He brought Markus Olmunson with him. While Nicholas can handle himself pretty well, he’s hired an ex-soldier and a group of adventurers for these Phandalin trips. So that’s a bit different.

He’s more congenial than your average dwarf, certainly much moreso than his brothers. His charismatic personality and human first name have helped pave the way for his success in a city where his kind are a minority.


Nicholas Traebeard

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